[ardour-dev] latest commit

Shayne O'Connor forums at machinehasnoagenda.com
Wed Apr 13 22:12:11 PDT 2005

Paul Davis wrote:

>     * provide a different VERSIONED implementation. this
>     creates a *hard* link to the gtk/ardour executable,
>     using a name based on the most recent CVS update/commit.
>     These links will persist across builds, thus allowing
>     the accumulation of multiple binaries. NOTE: this is
>     in the *build* directory - the installed version is
>     still just "ardour", no version.
it seems i must have installed ardour incorrectly then? i downloaded,
built and installed from tarball cvs yesterday and have to call ardour with:

[mrmachine at localhost ~]$ ardour-0.9beta28 -V

granted, we're probly not talking about the exact same cvs version, but
i gather from "the installed version is *still* just ardour" that i
shouldn't be using a version number to start?


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