[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Wed Apr 13 12:17:43 PDT 2005

   * fix for errors in the MIDI parser in libmidi with respect to the
     effect of sysex messages on running status. this will fix
     problems where sysex messages (e.g. MMC start/stop) are
     surrounded by running status MIDI messages, and ardour ceases
     to respond to the running status messages. IOW: it just works!
   * use correct cursor in non-canvas rulers
   * automation tracks:
      - click in zoom mode does not add a point
      - gain mode works like object mode for these tracks

   * check dependents at the right time so that pasted and
     copy+drag'ed regions get crossfades when necessary.
   * fix handling of record-enabling so that MMC RecordStrobe
     and related MMC commands now work properly.

   * if the named MMC/MTC/MIDI port in ardour.rc is not
     defined, use whatever is defined.

   * re-enable handling of MMC per-track rec-enable

   * handle MIDI SPP "start", "stop" and "continue" messages
     as if they were MMC

    ardour/gtk: 0.587.1
    libardour:  0.886.0
    libmidi++:  1.16.0

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