[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Sat Apr 9 06:44:12 PDT 2005

I have more things I want to add to this commit, but since they are
not done, here comes a commit anyway. I will add another commit very
soon that allows the use of gdb with ardour on a 2.6 system. The code
is my other machine (now running FC3/2.6.10)

  * built executable in gtk_ardour is once again "ardour.bin", but
    installed executable is "ardour-{version}"

  * no more pixmaps directory - the very few pixmaps we use
    are now compiled into the program (primarily just the
    gain fader "knob" and the transport button logos)

  * plugin GUI's now use regular GTK ToggleButtons not
    a fancy "pixmap" button (for toggled parameters)

  * gtkpixscrollbar completely reimplemented as a C++ widget
    for easier porting to GTK2/gtkmm, and GainMeter objects
    now use it rather than the gtk-level version. there are
    a couple of tiny improvements. if you notice any functionality 
    missing then please shout.

  * crashing bug fixed when context-click starts on a region but
    the mouse moves off into a region-less area before the button
    is released (thanks Sampo!)

  * fix for gain fader "stuck" issue when using mix groups.
    if one fader hit a point where the gain coefficient is zero (-inf
    dB), then the code that incremented the gain level would fail
    to move it because it used multiplication (thanks Sampo!)

  * toggle-playback does not even attempt to move the transport if
    ardour is slaved.

  * fix for stupid thinko that prevented new sessions from having a
    valid MTC port and hence from being slaved (or master) with MTC

  * -12dB gain reduction applied to all output if the transport
    speed is > 1.5 or < -1.5. these speed factors may change in the
    future. Note: ffwd with automation enabled with *not* play
    automation for panning and ditto for rewind.

  * fix for serious, potentially crashing bug related to GUI request
    handling (double-free'd pointer bug category)

  * libgtkmmext: 7.0.0
    libardour:   0.884.0
    ardour/gtk:  0.585.0


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