[ardour-dev] Dual Opterons and other miscellany

SAKURA sakura at s88003245.onlinehome.us
Fri Apr 8 13:04:10 PDT 2005

Hello again folks,

I am just about ready to put together a dual opteron system (Im sick of
Intel). Anyone advise against going opteron/amd64 for using Ardour? Perhaps
with reasons such as Ardour does not compile on amd64, gentoo amd64 sucks,
etc? If anyone doesnt have anything to say against it, I will go forth with
my purchases.

In addition to being a complete noob to the world of AMD, I am also a
semi-noob with linux. Ive messed with Red Hat 7 back in the days, some
Mandrake, and some Gentoo, but at heart I am a FreeBSD user. Figuring out
the dependencies for Ardour, Jack and ALSA and everything else shouldnt be a
problem for me. However, over the last few weeks Ive been seeing mentions of
something called scons. From reading the scons website, it seems like
another method for building applications. But never hearing of it before
seeing it on this mailing list makes me wonder. Once scons is installed, how
would one go about make-ing Ardour with it (or any other related program
that can be built with scons <- out of scope??)?

I hate being the complete noob, but youve always gotta have someone playing
the part. One of these days, someone may perhaps take my place.

Thanks guys, for the direct and indirect help,

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