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Fri Apr 8 05:36:35 PDT 2005

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Θέμα:	Re: [ardour-dev] Re: Message to the Developers

>Is there a possibility that Ardour 1.0 will use GTK+? I'm having =
>problems in=20
>finding system fonts in Hellenic that work without GTK+...*prayers to =
>the gods*

what do you mean? GTK+ 2? no, ardour version 1.0 will continue to use
GTK+ 1.2. 


I guess I have to read more extensively about GTK+ support for my language. It seems that 
Ardour in my system works only with the system fonts i.e. those *-*-helvetica stuff.
Truetype font support would be a great solution. Anyway, I'll also ask a linux-frek friend o' mine,
he might have a clue. If you need anything else from my side, just let me know.


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