[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Sat Apr 2 10:40:15 PST 2005

  * Per Sigmond's mammoth MTC/SMPTE patch, fixing several issues with
    MTC and SMPTE in general (separately committed by Per, but not
    announced by him)

  * fixed memory leak in parameter feedback thread (16kB every 1/4
    second if feedback was enabled)

  * if saving state at exit fails, tell the user to use "just quit" -
    do not silently exit. I forgot to mention that if saving state
    does file, the backup file (assumed to work, since it was just
    created before saving state) is renamed to the state file name.
    This was committed last week sometime.

  * many things that should have marked the session as "dirty" now do
  * setting JACK buffer size and stopping the transport do not mark
    the session dirty
  * do not switch capture files at transport stop unless some
    material was captured. doh!

  * do not hide add/remove port buttons from the I/O selector widget; 
    just mark them insensitive as needed.

  * properly clean up send GUI's if the send is deleted (fix crash)

  * call activate() (not set_active()) on all inserts after a
    reset_plugin_counts() to avoid any new plugin replicants from
    being left inactivated before they are used.

  * do not call the LADSPA cleanup function on a plugin instance that
    was never activated
  * protect *all* automation (including plugins) before export

  * lock down insert i/o configuration to prevent them being edited
    then moved, thus causing a crash

  * correctly update recent sessions when opening a session

  * fix crash at session load caused by 2nd-level feedback loops
  * actually send MMC DeferredPlay command when transport starts,
    rather than just attempt to send it :)

  * disable rec-enable before saving template, to avoid capture
    sources appearing in the template file

  * minor fix for possible crash in gtkmmext/popup.cc

  * libgtkmmext: 6.3.1
    libardour: 0.883.0
    ardour/gtk: 0.583.0


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