[ardour-dev] (no subject)

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Sat Sep 18 17:51:50 PDT 2004

>With the latest CVS (Ardour/GTK0.531.1 libardour
>0.831.0), I dont't have master out track if a create a
>new session. Has anybody got this problem ?

its a feature/design error. please file a mantis report requesting
a way to add a master bus.

>I tried to import soundfiles from a buggy session, i
>used  to think that if  naturalize them (original
>position in region's menu) i would be able to
>reconstruct the session, but it's seems that ardour
>change the TC of the file when importing, is it a
>wanted thing or a bug?

its just not implemented. 99% of all soundfiles imported will not have
an originating timestamp - only Broadcast WAVE files and a few others
contain this information. file it in mantis, please.


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