[ardour-dev] Region names and usage(2nd try)

Zachris Trolin zach-tro at dsv.su.se
Tue Sep 14 03:19:31 PDT 2004

I love ardour but have a problem when working with regions: 
If have a long audio-file that i would like to work with, I usually
listen through it and pick out sections that are of interest. I work
with "concrete" often verbal audio material. 

In ardour i can select a RANGE and use the contextual menu/pop up and
either say make region -  but if I do (PROBLEM #1) it is impossible to
give the region a name. It will just get a predefined(like Audio 2.1) name and appear in
the region list.  

The other way is to say separate region, then I can select the now
separate and visible region on the track and give it a name - but this
region will be automatic (PROBLEM #2). Therefore, it will change if I
alter it, or disappear or what not(when rearranging/working). It also get mixed up 
with every other region and I got no way of sorting regions easily. I can't see
which one really is automatic and unintended and which is consciously made by me etc

What I can do is first separate and then name in the range pop-up editor 
and then select the now named range and then create a non-automatic region. 
This is way to messy

What i desperately lack is a way to create NAMED non-automatic regions in an easy way.

Two easy ways to correct this is, one - ability to rename regions in the
region list. two - ability to convert automatic regions to, i guess,
manual or non-automatic(what are they called?). 

Should I file a mantis report, or are this planned? 
The whole UI management of regions ought to be looked over, 
basic things like rename, remove, copy etc should be possible(from the region list).

Zachris Trolin <zach-tro at dsv.su.se>
Dator och Systemvetenskapliga Instutitionen

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