[ardour-dev] Ahhhh-dour....mmmmm

Jan Depner eviltwin69 at cableone.net
Wed Oct 27 14:20:23 PDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-10-27 at 15:00, Paul Davis wrote:
> >When the user clicks anywhere in the canvas, I assume it delivers an
> >event (or callback or whatever) that contains the x,y coordinates
> >of the click (probably relative to the canvas origin). You need that
> it does. but the event is associated with a given object - the object
> is determined by the canvas itself. the event coordinates are relative
> to the object, though they can be transformed to the global canvas or
> the root window or whatever you want.
> you would have to intercept every event on the canvas and check if you
> wanted to consider it to be associated with a different object. thats
> a really ugly hack, if you ask me. you're really saying "i know i set
> "close" to be N pixels, but if its within N+M pixels of objects of
> type foo or bar, then the event is really for that object, not the one
> chosen using the "close" setting". ugh.

	This *is* a terrible hack (sometimes necessary but still terrible).  At
any rate, as Jesse pointed out, The e and p keys make positioning the
play and edit head so simple that you really don't need to drag them. 
Thanks for pointing that out Jesse.


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