[ardour-dev] graphic help

Dominique Hirigoyen dominique at domedia.net
Tue Oct 26 01:30:45 PDT 2004

Hi all,

Sorry for my english, i'm a french guy..

I'm looking for the evolution of ardour since a long time ago. In fact i
was come 6 years ago on linux for music but at this time there is no
application really good enough.
Just to tell, i can maybay help you if you need some graphics stuff or
interface design. I'm not a developper guy and i can't help you with
that but i really want to help this project. I'm doing music with cubase
sx reason etc... under windows. 
I have studies sound engeneering and electronic at school. I'm not
working anymore in music thing but i'm always doing music for my own in
my home studio. (Mackie 1604, akia S4, rme multiface sound card etc...) 
I can do with gimp specifique interface button or icon in gtk gnome HIG
colors theme or other. 

Just tell me if this interest you and how i can help you if you want.

Thank for all your good job.


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