[ardour-dev] A little of the ol' In and Out...

Doug McLain nostar at comcast.net
Thu Oct 21 07:33:25 PDT 2004

Cross-posting from ardour-user:

Im confused about Ins and Outs, mostly regarding plugins.  The sessions 
I typically create are mono tracks, with a 2 channel (stereo) Master 
bus.  This makes each of my tracks a 1in/2out track, correct?  (each 
input has one source, each output goes to master/in1 and master/in2)

The plugins i've been using to date are either 2in/2out or 1in/1out.  If 
I add a 1/1 plugin to post fader by itself (or with other 1/1 plugins), 
nothing changes, correct?

If I add a 2/2 plugin to post fader, what happens here?  I get confused 
trying to imagine the connections here.  Does the track's mono audio 
just get routed to both of the plugin's ins? Then the 2outs of the 
plugin connect directly to the tracks 2 outs?

The situation that makes this a concern to me is that I am using 2 
combinations of plugins pretty routinely.  a 2/2 and 1/1 together (SC4 
and TAP EQ), and a 2/2 and 2/2 together (SC4 and TAP Stereo Echo).  I'm 
trying to figure out in which order should the 1/1 and 2/2 be inserted 
and why.  My thoughts are that by using the 1/1 first, the 2/2 connects 
to its output just like it would the bare track, and thats the best 
way??  As far as the 2/2 combo I'm assuming the order doesnt matter?

OK as I write this I think I may be starting to understand the madness a 
little better.  TAP Stereo Echo for example, actually does stuff to the 
L and R channels independently, so it naturally needs to be a 2in/2out 
plugin.  And in the case of one of my 1in/2out tracks, its fine to put 
any 1/1 plugins in front of it, but puttign a 1/1 after it would defeat 
any L/R specific stuff it did to the audio signal; is that correct?  In 
my case, though, im using TAP Stereo Echo with SC4 so it probably doesnt 
matter much which one is first?  Any thoughts/ opinons there?  And most 
importantly, am I uderstanding this correctly?

Thanks for any insight,

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