[ardour-dev] "out of disk space" problems with beta19

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Wed Oct 20 05:02:55 PDT 2004

>Finally had time to work on it again tonight.  I tried to delete all
>the relevant pieces, but I keep getting this message...
>  [ERROR]: Could not understand ardour file /home/joq/AUDIO/1/karaoke/valentine
>  [ERROR]: Session "/home/joq/AUDIO/1/karaoke/valentine (snapshot valentine)" d
>id not load successfully
>Obviously, I'm not doing it right.  I really don't understand the
>structure of that session file well enough to edit it.  Is there any
>HOWTO documentation somewhere?  It looks relatively straightforward,
>but I must be misunderstanding something crucial.

do you understand XML? send me the file, and a reminder of the audio
file that was messed up, and i'll edit it for you. there's no HOWTO
because (1) the file format is still evolving (barely) (2) this is not
something i would want people to think is a normal thing to do (3) i
had (mistakenly, it seems) assumed that anyone brave enough to use a
text editor on an XML file would find it pretty self-evident :)

>But, the command completes without any indication that it didn't work.
>Yet, no space is released on the device.  Very confusing.

true, but thats because its still undergoing testing, and i wanted to
see what the user experience was when it "works". 

its possible that we may never remove the files until the session is
reloaded (i.e. lazy deletion after the next successful session load). 

>I'd suggest a pop-up window recommending what users should do
>(i.e. quit, test reopen, if successful delete contents of
>dead_sounds).  What should people do if it *doesn't* reopen
>successfully?  Copy dead_sounds back to sounds?

yep. though "mv" would be more appropriate for a project of any real size.


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