[ardour-dev] 2d-panning

Fons Adriaensen fons.adriaensen at skynet.be
Mon Oct 18 13:13:03 PDT 2004

I've been looking a bit deeper into the 2d-panner. When you play a 4-channel track 
and give the mixier strip 4 outputs (this replaces the two L-R sliders with the
2d-thingy), the following seems to happen: the 4 input channels are just added
together to a mono signal and the result is then sent to the panner. The four
blue blobs it has seem to act like presets - if you mpve them apart and then
click on them without moving, the panning changes. Whatever you do, the input
signal goes to a least three outputs.

It would make some sense as a 'mono to 4 speakers' panner if you assume the
outputs are connected as in the diagram below:

        ch 2 ----  ch 3
         |          |
left     |          |   right
         |          |
        ch 1 ----  ch 0


But what's the point of having this to play back a 4 channel recording ?
What I'd want to do is just output the 4 four channels (or send then to
a 4-ch mixig bus) with no processing at all. This seems to be impossible.


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