[ardour-dev] Problem opening a session... any way to salvage it?

Josh Karnes jkarnes1 at austin.rr.com
Sun Oct 17 09:23:46 PDT 2004

Well I fixed it for that file, then ran into the same problem on another session 
and I think I've traced *some* of the problem...

Here's what I did that caused this:

1. open a session with lots of stuff going on... edits, huge number of takes, 
large library of sources, effects, pans, automation.... this is a tune that 
except for the final lead vocal track, is ready for final mix & release.  The 
DSP meter runs ab0out 40-60% while playing back this track.

2.  While it's playing, select "clean up"... bad idea and it was a mistake 
(chose wrong menu item).  But Ardour does not recover gracefully.  This crashed 
Ardour and took down the X windows session to boot.

3.  Now when I try to open it, the regions are all out of sync with the sources 
portion of the xml file.  So the sources pointed to "cleaned up" sources (that 
is, less than what is referred to otherwise in the file), and the regions 
section pointed to all of the not-yet-cleaned-up files...  so there were a ton 
of references to sources from a <Region id= ... /Region> section in the xml file 
that didn't map to a source from the source definitions.  I had to manually 
clean all of these up.  Since on this particular tune there were 60 (!!) piano 
takes, and it was something I could play in my sleep, I just deleted everything 
with a reference to piano and redid the piano track.  Anyway, it took a couple 
of hours.

I could probably repro this issue if it's unknown (I doubt it is).  However the 
usefulness of reproducing it is only valid if I could capture some data.  Since 
it crashes the X-windows session, there's no log of how everything went down.

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