[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Thu Oct 14 16:17:40 PDT 2004

>With MTC I'll run sessions that demonstrate how Ardour
>is misplacing regions on the timeline. Of course MTC
>isn't required for demonstrating these issues but it
>enables working with more interesting scenarios.

i made some serious progress with MTC slaving today. i was staying a
more-or-less fixed distance behind an MTC master for long periods of
time, handling skipped quarter-frame MTC messages, etc. etc. All this
without glitches, etc.

tomorrow, i will eliminate the "fixed distance behind" part, and also
handle devices like the alesis m20's which do not send MTC messages at
the end of a rewind/ffwd or a locate.

more news tomorrow.


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