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Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Wed Oct 13 13:15:15 PDT 2004

Forwarded from ardour-users... looks like the rdf metadata problem
strikes again...  either way, it's all steve harris' fault :)

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Subject: [ardour-users] Problem with Gate Plugin & Ardour
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 21:17:15 +0100
From: iain at g7iii.net (Iain Young)
To: ardour-users-ardour.org at lists.ardour.org

Hi All,

Just discovered Ardour, great application, does almost everything I
need (Only thing that it doesn't no other app does anyway, that I
know of, so I guess I'll have to write that myself :>)

Anyway, thats not the point of this Email. I seem to have a problem
with the 'Gate' Plugin.

I add the Gate to post fader on a Bus. That feeds into the master
Bus, then out to the alsa_pcm:playback devices. Both Buses are 
stereo, however the input feed is only mono on the left track.

I then go to configure the gate. Set it up to use the entire AF
spectrum, set the attack, delay parameters for a quick opening and
closing of the gate, then set the required threshold.

Once all ready, I enable the gate, but it either only works for a
couple of seconds, or doesnt work at all. The same config works in
Jack-Rack perfectly.

I've checked this by using the jack meterbridge, and oscilliscopes
(jackscope, and baudline via jack.record) to monitor pre and post
the plugin.

One strange thing I noticed, in Jack-Rack the last paramater is
Output Select (-1, keyed monitor, 0 Gate, 1 Bypass). In Ardour
while the text detail for "Output Select" appears, the options
are "Plate (Small)", and "Hall (Large) HD"

This is on Debian/Sid, using ardour 0.9beta13, and 0.4.7 of

I'm suspecting its something to do with the Output Select
stuff, but have no idea what. Anyone have any ideas or insights ?

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