[ardour-dev] Fwd: [ardour-users] fst configure error

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Wed Oct 13 12:58:59 PDT 2004

Josh Karnes wrote on Wed, 13-Oct-2004:

 > Yes, that's exactly what I have been doing, with RPMs from planet CCRMA.
 > I had the 0.9beta19 RPM binary from planet CCRMA and it crashed when trying to 
 > edit any plugin.  So I opened a bug on mantis, which you closed earlier this 
 > week with a reference to not being able to support fixes on binaries from 
 > uncontrolled distributions.  So here I am, stuck...  trying to get Ardour to 
 > _work_, and being instructed on mantis by the developer's implication that the 
 > fix for the bug, or at least the beginning of getting any attention for the bug, 
 > is to begin with installing from source, and then when I run into trouble, the 
 > ardour-users list forwards me here where it is suggested that I go back to the 
 > planet CCRMA RPM with the unfixable bug...  hey I'd prefer to stick with the 
 > planet CCRMA RPM to begin with, but it doesn't work.  It's tough on the one hand 
 > for you to suggest that we use RPMs or other method from planet CCRMA (I don't 
 > use apt because this machine's not on a network), and then bail out of fixing 
 > bugs that may be manifest in that method of distribution.
Well, in order to get a version with the latest bugfixes, your choices are either to
compile the latest source snapshot (can be non-trivial for the uninitiated), or to wait 
until our next release when CCRMA will generate a new RPM for

 > ...  so...  I just tried to build Ardour again and I'll type in all of the 
 > errors and post them here, because maybe they're real...

It is unfortunate that it isn't on the network, I assume there
is a reason you can't even set up temporarily.  But, if you have
a floppy or USB flash drive, it would be easier to copy the compile
error output between the computers that way, rather than type it in manually.


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