[ardour-dev] cd markers patch

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 30 12:39:08 PST 2004

Hi Nick,

--- nick mainsbridge <beatroot at optushome.com.au>

> this patch should do the following:
> display the markers in time order instead of
> creation order in the
> location ui.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

> add a new snap value "CD Frames" which snaps to 1/75
> second.
> remove the 'export cd markers' entry from the
> session menu. 
> 'editor_cd.cc' should not be built.
> add three new options when exporting an audio file
> to disk:
> export CUE file - exports a CUE file that K3b can
> understand.
> export TOC file - exports a TOC file that K3b can't
> understand, but
> cdrdao can. don't ask me why. perhaps this is a K3b
> bug.
> export None - exports your audio file only.

I think an argument can be made for wanting to export
CUE and TOC files without exporting audio. The audio
has been exported but the TOC or CUE start and
duration times have been adjusted.

> in the case of CUE and TOC file export, the audio
> content leading up to
> the first CD marker in your session will be used as
> the pregap in for
> the first track only. sensible people will place
> their first song at
> 00:02:00 and use the silence before this as their
> pregap.
> after this first track, there will be no pregap
> available, as ardour
> doesn't yet have a CD track end marker. i hope to
> change this later.
> TOC and CUE files will *not* be valid unless you use
> the 'snap to CD
> Frames' setting when you place your CD markers
> (including the end
> marker). this is because i don't think ardour should
> magically move any
> markers without telling you.
> yes, i know it's stupid to not be able to measure
> time in CD frames if
> you can snap to them. this requires a new ruler,
> which will be around
> soon (i hope).
> to use an exported CUE file with K3b, use
> tools->cd->burn cd image.
> select your cue file and press 'start'. 
> if your exported audio file is called
> 'maquina_de_ritmo.wav", it's CUE
> file will be in the same directory as your exported
> audio file. it's
> name will be 'maquina_de_ritmo.wav.cue'. a similar
> thing will happen
> with a TOC file, only it will be called
> 'maquina_de_ritmo.wav.toc'.
> complaints are welcome.

In the case of a TOC file, do you envision handling
the many text fields[1]? Aside from a text editor, can
you suggest another tool for editing TOC files?

I am suggesting that editing TOC fields is a
capability from which Ardour will benefit. I am
pleading with you to implement it. Pretty please! If
you don't do it, and we ever meet, I will hug you.
Take my advice and do not wish this upon yourself. :)

Seriously, TOC field editing will save users a
significant amount of time.

1. fields include; Album Title, Performer, Song Title,


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