[ardour-dev] General Session and saving question

Doug McLain nostar at comcast.net
Mon Nov 22 11:31:09 PST 2004

I'm unclear on things that can be done in a session that get lost 
without saving and things that are permanent wether the session is saved 
or snot.

As I use Ardour more and more, I become more comfortable doing things 
that at one time I would have been afraid to do for various reasons.  A 
good example is playlist manipulation.  After being schooled thoroughly 
on playlist concepts (thanks las!) I now won't hesitate to make a copy 
of a playsit and chop it little bittie pieces, with no concern of doing 
any permanent damage to the audio files.

One area I'm still weary in are things that would, for example, get lost 
  in a crash, or things that would be permanent even if the session 
wasn't saved, etc.

A few examples:

I think it's safe to say that any cutting/pasting in the editor would be 
lost if the session isnt saved.

Adding a track for example would be lost unless some recording was done, 
then even if not saved it would still be there?  Is this true?

I guess I'm asking for a rundown of things that are permanent vs things 
that would be lost without saving, if there is such a simple list. I 
find answers to some of these questions myself by trial and error, but 
sometimes the conclusions I come to arent actually true.


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