[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Fri Nov 19 06:04:34 PST 2004

   * session events are no longer queued during session loading,
        which should reduce or eliminate JACK kicking ardour
	during startup. instead, these events are now processed 
	by the GUI thread as the session is loaded. this stops
	the process() callback from potentially having a long
	list of things to do when its first called, thus causing
	JACK zombification.

	there may be some side-effects here with loading a session
	into a running ardour: more testing needed.

   * recover-from-crash functionality at 95%

         a) all audio files get a header written into them at creation
	 b) when session rec-enable is turned on, we store information
	           about the files we'll be using for recording
         c) if ardour (or the computer) crashes during capture, ardour
                   discovers this information, and uses the actual
		   size of the audio files to modify their headers.
		   new regions are then created and added that 
		   correspond to this data.
         d) there is GUI dialog to check on the user's wishes as to
	           whether or not to use this "pending capture"

         At the moment we don't have a time position for the recovered
         material, so everything is inserted at zero. I will cook up
	 a fix for this later. It may always have to be an
         approximation, however.

	 Also, ardour does not currently unlink the pending capture
	 info file, so early testers will be asked about it over
	 and over.
	 TO TEST: set up for capture, start rolling. Kill ardour
	    any way you want. Even turn off your computer. Restart.
	    Smile :)

   * clear-all-markers and clear-all-ranges no longer crash
       with no session

   * "duplicate client/no jack server" dialog grabs focus
       for its "OK" button

   * libardour: 0.842.0
     ardour/gtk: 0.538.0

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