[ardour-dev] Re: Loading a session in beta21 crashes X

Axel Müller axel at hab-verschlafen.de
Wed Nov 10 04:11:00 PST 2004

On Tue, 09 Nov 2004 13:35:38 +0100 Chris Ross wrote:

> My guess is that this is problem, in trying to split it up into tracks
> I've ended up with many regions, e.g. audio1-12 and the system crawls to a
> halt with the disk light on constantly. Strangely it doesn't seem to be
> paging, top shows about 33M of swap used with actually pretty light on
> this machine.

I had the same problem on a different machine with a former version of
ardour. Sometimes X crashed and oter times it rendered the machine
completely unresponsive so I had to do a reset. I had the same problem
with 3 different distributions (Demudi, Gentoo, Planet-CCRMA) and with
different windowmanagers.

My guess was that it happend because of too less Ram (in this case 128
MB). I have not had this problem on my current machine (1 GB) yet.

Hope this may help.

Axel "the C.L.A."

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