[ardour-dev] build from last evening's tarball fails

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Mon Nov 8 18:27:31 PST 2004

>Humm....looks like a bad idea on Ardour's part:
>ardour: [INFO]: detecting VST plugins along /home/mark/vst_dir

you built it with VST support ... what else is it supposed to do?

>It does this line and then attempts to start a VST that it has no
>reason to start.

this is why i referenced GMPI. ardour is *not* trying to start
Battery. to find out basic information about a VST plugin requires 
that it be instantiated. there is no other way. so the good folks at
NI have inserted their licensing scheme into the instantiating aspect
of things, thereby meaning that even discovering metadata about
Battery requires a license. this is precisely what the GMPI API will
mandate against.

>Anyway, you wouldn't allow me to instantiate Battery since you don't
>handle MIDI in on any VST, thus making pretty much all synth VSTs a
>non-play inside of Ardour today. (And being that synths are, I think,
>far and away the most universally used type of VST that leaves a
>pretty big hole.)

it might be better to put VSTi's in /home/mark/vst/instruments and
regular plugins in /home/mark/vst/plugins and just tell ardour to use
the latter diretory.

and btw, i very much doubt if synths are the mostly widely used
VST's. VSTi's are recent, and there were lots of sound generating
plugins for VST before the VSTi interface was defined. the classic
VST's are all just FX plugins.

and anyway, as has been said many times, this is what JACK is for, at
least until ardour does MIDI (and perhaps even then, depending on the
reliability of the VSTi on (or off) Linux).

>Nah...come on, I'm sure we can do better than that. Waves manages to
>recognize that I don't have a plugin available at a given time and
>then just gray it out. The plugin stays positioned for further use but
>is just skipped in the current session.

that's because Waves uses a blacklist. 

>Permanant blacklisting sounds like a major overkill to me, based on
>how other programs work. However, if Ardour has no way to handle a
>MIDI-based VST existing in a directory structure that has all sorts of
>VSTs then I suppose it could be blacklisted in terms of Ardour trying
>to run it.

the problem here is not with MIDI. its with the licensing scheme that
Battery is using.

>I suspect that the segfault is caused because you might be using a
>version of jack_fst inside of Ardour that doesn't have my
>wine-20041019 memory hack? If so then that would cause this since I


>now use new versions of Wine that the opfficially released version of
>jack_fst won't work with. If you point me toward the jack_fst code
>within Ardour I could throw in my hack and see if that eliminates the

you would put your hack into gtk_ardour/main.cc:main()


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