[ardour-dev] Ancient history?

Eric ej at ir.iit.edu
Tue Nov 2 08:28:36 PST 2004

filesystem suggestions for low latency are wide and varied...having
the log on a seperate drive is really the reason i went with
XFS...intuitively that seems like a good thing to me.  There's not
really any fixing my SCSI controller placement due to my PCI slot
availability, unless I was to opt for a different one that was a
normal 32-bit card...I guess I could dork around with IRQ priorities,
but the latest patch for that I can find is for 2.6.3.  So many
variables to play with...


On Tue, Nov 02, 2004 at 06:25:15AM +0000, Steve Harris wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 01, 2004 at 01:03:29 -0600, Eric wrote:
> > 2.  I do use an XFS filesystem that has it's log on one of my 10K SCSI
> > drives and its data on another.  Perhaps my 64-bit PCI symbios SCSI
> > card (on the north bridge as far as i understand AMD's 760MX) is
> > hogging the bus from my delta 66 that's hanging off the 32-bit south
> > bridge?
> Both of those things sound like a bad idea to me.


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