[ardour-dev] Ancient history?

Eric ej at ir.iit.edu
Mon Nov 1 11:03:29 PST 2004

The big question on my mind, which AFAIK hasn't been solved, is
whether 2.4 kernels are still indeed better for low latency than even
2.6.9.  It'd be nice to see some experiments on that...  I still run
jackd -R -n 3 -p 256 and have ardour 0.9beta19 xrun sometimes even w/
only a few tracks.  I didn't expect that on my dual athlon 2400MP.
Some other things I'd love others to rule out for me as I may never
have time to solve them myself:

1.  I don't kill every process known to man before running ardour, and
I use windowmaker instead of twm or something, but I bought a dual
proc box so I wouldn't have to do that...

2.  I do use an XFS filesystem that has it's log on one of my 10K SCSI
drives and its data on another.  Perhaps my 64-bit PCI symbios SCSI
card (on the north bridge as far as i understand AMD's 760MX) is
hogging the bus from my delta 66 that's hanging off the 32-bit south

3.  Perhaps I need to not load the modules for my other devices:  PCI
ethernet card, lmsensors, etc.

4.  Do any of the 2.6 kernel settings help/hurt?  Interrupt load
balancing, IRQ mode, etc.

I don't feel like the FAQs/HOWTOs have kept up w/ the latest
stuff...It'd be nice to see people have a place to pool their
latency experiments with different setups.  There's a lot that can be
a problem (for example, my old PCI voodoo3 that I thought would be ok
for an audio workstation proved to be entirely unusable and I had to
opt for an AGP card).


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