[ardour-dev] still no MIDI in beta20

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Mon Nov 1 06:50:17 PST 2004


  I must have something truly screwed up here. I see this error on startup:

        ardour: [WARNING]: No MMC control (MIDI port "seq" not available)

and there's no MIDI tab in the Options window. Also, I built beta20 with 
--enable-vst but Ardour fails to start after sending this message:

    wine: Unhandled exception (thread 0009), starting debugger...
    err:seh:start_debugger Couldn't start debugger ("winedbg --debugmsg 
-all 8 48") (2)
    Read the Wine Developers Guide on how to set up winedbg or another 

The winedbg binary is in fact here, but I know next to nothing about it. 
Ardour does starts with 'ardour --novst'.

  I sense that I'm missing some important fact or setting somewhere. Can 
anyone advise me ? I'm eager to test the MTC stuff, but I'm held back...

  I'm building Ardour on a Planet CCRMA RH9 system. I used synaptic to 
remove Planet C's Ardour: could there be a problem with installing 
Ardour to /usr/local instead of /usr on this system ? I'll try building 
and installing on A/Demudi later today.



PS: Taybin, the problem persisted even after I built recent CVS sources 
with your diff.  :(

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