[ardour-dev] UI review: Unifying the selection logic in ardour

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Sun May 30 07:56:59 PDT 2004

Marek Peteraj wrote on Sun, 30-May-2004:

 > Proposal:
 > --------
 > i) [track] selection should happen on button-press rather than button release
 > ii) [track] selection should happen on both (shift)left-click and right-click,
 > i.e. invoking context menu on track header selects track 
Yes, this is undisputed.  It has been a simple matter of implementation
oversight that this hasn't been fixed already.

 > Proposal:
 > --------
 > i) region selection/clicking in the region editor should discard track
 > selection entirely(deseletcs all tracks)

So you are suggesting that track and region selections should
be mutually exclusive?  This appears to be harmless in light of
your other proposals before and after this one.  However, if any
of those other proposals don't work, neither will this one.

Also, note that track selections and *range* selections are tied 
intrinsically together, and your proposal should address that.
You seem to avoid all mention of range selection in your posts,
I take it that you never use it? :)

 > ii) (shift)l/r-clicking on track header should select all regions
 > contained within that track

You know my feelings on this one.  Which track operations do you
see that actually operate on the regions individually?  The "nudge
entire track" are ones.... but most of the others you've identified
(insert, etc) have nothing to do with selected regions at all.
However, as mentioned before, this behavior is necessary to make
sense of your other proposals.... how tricky of you :)  Oh, and
what if the user selected all the regions in a track by hand,
would the *track* then become selected? :))


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