[ardour-dev] ardour 0.9beta13 released

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Wed May 19 07:47:10 PDT 2004

Changes since 0.9beta12:

   * major fix to management of the session region list.
   * make all automation state buttons in track control area work 
   * save automation state after an automation write/touch pass
      (i.e. when transport stops).
   * save automation state after loading from disk.
   * in range mode, button 1/2/3 selects the track before beginning
       a range selection.
   * new session dialog now has a "show again" button that controls
       whether it pops up automatically for every instance of 
       ardour started without a session.
   * resurrect the error log window, with some redesigns
   * panning link buttons say "linked" all the time, and use
      color/appearance to convey "on" (like solo/mute)
   * redirects (plugins, inserts, sends) can now be renamed
   * fix buglet in Region::set_muted()
   * fix problem with duplicate PunchIn event 
   * densitize export button during export
   * fix crash occuring while cancelling an import
   * more translation work

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