[ardour-dev] Testing cvs 05/17/2004

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Mon May 17 08:57:18 PDT 2004


* Adding a track during transport gives two errors:
	"Audio 3: disk stream error at frame 1662664 (-1)"
	"Session: error for Audio 3 at frame 1662664 (-1)"
Transport then stops 1024 frames later (2 jack buffers at 1024). The track 
is created though. 
* Followup: I immediately remove the track and ardour crashes. I do it 
all again and ardour does not crash. Well, the 3rd time around it 
crashes. So I'll say it crashes sometimes. My hunch of this being 
related to the visibility of the mixer strip in editor window was 
* The Click fader setting is not restored upon reloading a session.
* Click (Session = 48 kHz)
Assigning a 2-channel 44,1 kHz wav to one of the clicks silences click.
Assigning 	a 1-channel 44,1 kHz
		a 2-channel 8 kHZ
		a 2-channel 48 kHz
		a 1-channel 48 kHz don't.

cvs tarball 05/17/2004
Ardour/GTK 0.507.0
libardour 0.808.0
(new session)


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