[ardour-dev] Automation

Roger Depreeuw rogdepre at skynet.be
Mon May 17 02:14:24 PDT 2004

Roger Depreeuw wrote:

> Roger Depreeuw wrote:
>> Gents,
>> Automation seem to have changed with the tarball
>> ardour gtk: 0.506.0
>> libardour: 0.807.1
>> Panning works fine. I first did a write and after replaying  I can 
>> see the pan sliders move as I had recorded it.
>> With the gain sliders however nothing happens apart from the gain 
>> slider going all the way down.
>> I also don't see the changes displayed in the  editor window.
>> Did I miss something along the way? Any library that needs updating?
>> Roger
> Update
> Today I installed
> ardour gtk: 0.507.0
> libardour: 0.808.0
> And everything works fine for the automation feature, except for the 
> display function
> It's getting better and better every day
> Roger

Sorry, for the pervious mail, cause I had forgotten about the "a button" 
in the editor track.
Everything works fine now

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