[ardour-dev] Feature Freeze, Sunday May 16th, 23:59 EST

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Sun May 16 12:36:08 PDT 2004

>This is truly great news!

it will be even greater news when it actually happens :)

>Have you given any thought on how the development process will continue
>after the 1.0 release?

only to how the new stuff will happen, not to maintainance, which you
correctly raise.

>I really like the Linux approach - splitting the development into a
>separately developed 1.0 branch with a maintainer giving full attention
>to stability.

its a great idea, but at this time there is nobody who would take on
such a role. i'm not sure who could - the people who actually
understand the codebase are way too interested in moving forward.

i do plan to fork the tree, because the very first thing we will start
doing immediately after 1.0 is released is to port the whole thing to
GTK2. once that its done, adding MIDI tracks is the next major item,
although we will probably do MIDI+OSC at the same. thomas charbonnel
is already at work on video track support (no editing, just display),
and his work will likely not be a part of 1.0 but will very quickly
become part of the new branch.

i imagine that 1.0 will be orphaned rapidly by the GTK2 version. i
would hope to release the GTK2 version, probably as 2.0, fairly
quickly. 3.0 will become, as in linux, the first odd-number
development branch.


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