[ardour-dev] Automation

Jon Coker jon.coker at att.net
Sun May 16 11:38:40 PDT 2004

I am having gain automation problems too with 507.0 and 808.0.

However, for me,  the awrite always works and the sliders usually move as 
expected. But sometimes,  putting it in the "aplay" mode will completely mute 
the track.   This may happen after a transport action (like |<).    I then 
have to fiddle with trim/abs mod and/or the gain automation state to get back 
to normal behavior.    Seems like something is not initialized properly.

On Sunday 16 May 2004 06:40 am, Roger Depreeuw wrote:
> Gents,
> Automation seem to have changed with the tarball
> ardour gtk: 0.506.0
> libardour: 0.807.1
> Panning works fine. I first did a write and after replaying  I can see
> the pan sliders move as I had recorded it.
> With the gain sliders however nothing happens apart from the gain slider
> going all the way down.
> I also don't see the changes displayed in the  editor window.
> Did I miss something along the way? Any library that needs updating?
> Roger
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