[ardour-dev] cvs commit

Dan Harper tech at danharper.org
Tue May 11 16:13:36 PDT 2004

Sorry if this is wrong, but no one has mentioned the REAL problem here. 
If a certain plugin/input/output on a track is an invalid combination,
Ardour should not even let you insert that plugin at the time of the
insert attempt, let alone save it.

In other words, why code to catch the invalid combination on session
load?  Just try to make sure the user can never do it, then you won't
have to worry about it.


On Wed, 2004-05-12 at 05:52, Paul Davis wrote:
> >Paul,
> >
> >	I'm now at Ardour/GTK 0.505.2 running with libardour 0.805.2.  Taking
> >the old .ardour, stripping out all inserts, start Ardour, save session,
> >quit Ardour, restart Ardour with saved session - works fine.  Add SC4 (2
> >in/2 out) to 2 in/2 out track, save, quit, restart, get same error
> >dialog.
> oh man. its so obvious.
> this is all part of the "multi-stage" creation of a session. we add
> redirects before we have ports created. hence, the rules to determine
> if a plugin is "valid" will fail in many cases.
> deep thought required. and to think i only just came in from the
> hammock :(
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