[ardour-dev] cvs commit

Jan Depner eviltwin69 at cableone.net
Tue May 11 11:31:58 PDT 2004


	I'm now at Ardour/GTK 0.505.2 running with libardour 0.805.2.  Taking
the old .ardour, stripping out all inserts, start Ardour, save session,
quit Ardour, restart Ardour with saved session - works fine.  Add SC4 (2
in/2 out) to 2 in/2 out track, save, quit, restart, get same error
dialog.  Oh, the fix for panner.c compiles and works properly on my
system.  Thanks.


On Tue, 2004-05-11 at 11:56, Paul Davis wrote:
> >Just added SC4 (2 in/2 out) to a 1 in/2 out track, saved it, quit,
> >restarted and got the following dialog: 
> >
> >programming error: redirect automation curve for SC4:6 not registered
> >with audio track! 
> i think you need 505.2 to avoid this. i fixed that bug yesterday

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