[ardour-dev] cvs commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Mon May 10 19:36:13 PDT 2004

>In general, it's probably better for ardour not to accept anything in
>a state file uncritically.  There are always going to be invalid or
>out-of-date files around (not just during beta testing).  They should
>be receive the same skepticism given to user inputs.

one of the things to be done pre-1.0 is to add versioning to session
files. once this is done, no numbered session file will ever be
considered "invalid" - we will use a different code path to load it. 
and any numbered version will be valid - it will have been produced by
ardour. if the user edited it by hand and messed it up - well, i am
sorry but it will take a stronger person than me to add sufficient
checks the tangled and convoluted loading pathway that ensure this
will always be ok.

however, at this time, i consider all "older" sessions (file formats)
to be irrelevant, though with the heavy heart that comes from
understanding the burden this places on beta testers.

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