[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Thu May 6 04:29:44 PDT 2004

  * more work on rationalizing plugin replication and management
    ... from the code ...

	/* catch various special cases */

	if (streams > 1 && inputs < streams && outputs > inputs) {
		throw wierd_plugin_configuration (streams, inputs, outputs);

   ... this prevents you from, for example, trying to put a 1in/2out
   plugin like gverb in a stereo stream or after a 2out plugin. for
   now, you just get a message that says "you can't do this" - this
   will obviously be improved to be more informative.

   the code is now supporting the notion of the "number of active
   streams" within various parts of a route. this is different and
   orthogonal from the number of inputs and outputs the route has. if
   you put a 1in/2out plugin into a 1in/1out route (which arguably
   should not be possible), then before the plugin there is 1 active
   stream, and afterwards there are 2. there are better examples,
   honest :)
   * more cases like this to follow. this is really just a commit
     rather than an announcement that i am done with this.

  libardour: 0.802.3
  ardour/gtk: 0.502.3

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