[ardour-dev] Testing cvs 05/05/2004

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Wed May 5 07:54:44 PDT 2004


Ardour/GTK 0.502.0
libardour 0.801.1
cvs tarball 05/05/2004

* Click segfaults
* Adding a plugin with/without transport segfaults
* Mixer settings are not saved, sessions open with _most_ strips set to 
* Snapshots stumble over wanting to open automation files that don't 
* Zoom Focus, Snap To, Snap Mode settings are not saved (old)
* Panning _is_ saved
* Mixer strips of added tracks only show up with all elements after 
reopening the mixer window (old behaviour)
* I don't get it with the active button in automation tracks. Is that 
supposed to change anything? Because it doesn't. 
* Export dialog shows no tracks

I'm not following irc and all this is probably on your list anyway. 
Don't want to sound presumptuous but sometimes i dream of what a decent 
ChangeLog could do ... Could you give us something like that in the 
daily tarball?


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