[ardour-dev] Bars, Beats Corruption in 6/8 Time

Dan Harper tech at danharper.org
Wed Mar 31 16:24:20 PST 2004

Using Ardour 11.2 beta.

I tried using ardour in 6/8 time for the first time and noticed that if
you zoom in, then out and then in again, the bars/beats ruler corrupts
with what looks like hundreds of markers and numbers, etc.

Should I add this into mantis?

Also, the "tick" on the ruler sits on beat 2 of the bar:

1   1   2   3   4   5   2
|                       |
|       |               |

Is that definable?  It's fine for 4/4 time, but not really for 6/8.  I'd
like it on beat 3 for this particular session.  I didn't test the click,
but does it affect it in any way?


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