[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Mirouf Linux mirouflinuxaudio at yahoo.fr
Sat Mar 20 08:29:09 PST 2004

>  * more tweaks to shuttle control
>        - includes throttling speed requests to avoid
>	   large numbers of them per-process-cycle
>	   when using large period sizes.
>   * keep JACK shutdown/kick message on top of editor
>   * libardour:  0.734.1
>     ardour/gtk: 0.459.3
>The 04:13 PST CVS tarball will contain these
>improvements. Enjoy. I'm
>moving back to xfade editing, and then a release of
>0.9beta12 ...

I just install this CVs this morning, and i had
several problems with midi:

I use a Yamaha 01 as midi controller throught my
terratec 24/96, it works perfectly (the best gestion
of midi control i ever seen, really!), but when i try
to record the automation, adour hang up and quit.

I have also a Midisport 2x2, i use it as a MTC
generator  with ardour, so i can link and slave
another PC with video, it works great, (except that
video is desynchronising when i use the jog). I tried
to slave ardour with MTC, and it doesn't work as

Finally, when i use the two at the same time, it works
but, if i'm not sweet and try to make lot of things at
the same times, I've got a fatal error:

Midi pool out of memory
Recompile with larger size 

I don't know if it's only on my machine or if it's a
bug? Why can i do?

If you got ideas about this problems...

Thanks in advance



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