[ardour-dev] ui request POOL OUT OF MEMORY error

Geoff Beasley songshop at bizmedia.com.au
Wed Mar 10 10:12:14 PST 2004

I get this when I setup a session of 32 tracks, select one track to
record, hit the record button...whammo ! 25 tracks and I can actually
record, but when I hit the stop button it gives the same error. 20
tracks and I can record/stop once then the same....I have thought it
might be telling me the truth !! I am using the current RH9/Planet CCRMA
version with ardour 0.9 beta11-2, jack 0.94.0. I have never been able to
compile successfully (not yet anyway), so is it just a product of the
memory pool being inadequate or should I stick this on Mantis ?


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