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Taybin Rutkin taybin at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 9 12:50:00 PST 2004

I should have internet access again on thursday, so if you could delay the release until friday so I can commit my changes, I'd appreciate it.  Mostly some LADSPA stuff like categories in the plugin manager and showing TAPs RDF presets in the presets menu.


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>>      - mouse wheel events now scroll canvas, not change mouse mode
>Are there any bindings for mouse wheel with modifier keys? Some

not yet.

>combination (eg. Shitf + wheel) would be convenient for changing the mouse
>Alt + wheel for zooming
>Ctrl + wheel for horizontal canvas movement

i like them all.

>or are we past the feature freeze already?

not till 0.9beta12 is released. expected in 2-4 days, depending on
what happens with my changes to Region management (internal and GUI).

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