[ardour-dev] 0.9beta17 released

Robert Jordens rjo-lists at gmx.de
Tue Jun 29 00:31:26 PDT 2004


 ardour-0.9beta17.tar..> 28-Jun-2004 18:28  38.5M  

What a code growth! Who coded 36M (compressed) in a few weeks? ;-]
I fear there has gone something wrong with "make dist". 


Consultant, n.:
	[From con "to defraud, dupe, swindle," or, possibly, French con
	(vulgar) "a person of little merit" + sult elliptical form of
	"insult."]  A tipster disguised as an oracle, especially one who
	has learned to decamp at high speed in spite of a large briefcase
	and heavy wallet.
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