[ardour-dev] panner wierdness

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Tue Jun 22 10:19:21 PDT 2004

>now add a Freeverb Version 3
>Note that you now have two panners
>one has x==0 and one has x==1
>how does this happen? Also the compressor "count" is now wrong and needs 
>to be set to 2.

this is entirely intentional. there is one panner per signal stream
arriving at the outputs. 

freeverb takes a mono input, and produces a stereo output, so its
introduction changed the number of signal streams from 1 to 2. the
compressor is a mono-mono plugin, and because its ahead of freeverb,
it does not affect the number of signal streams.

you have to be able to pan the left and right signal of freeverb's
output independently. the old panning model was built around an
ancient assumption of mono streams.

jeremy, i don't know if you can use IRC but that's where the design of
this kind of thing is hashed out these days. for the most part,


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