[ardour-dev] editing

Marek Peteraj marpet at naex.sk
Wed Jun 9 16:37:24 PDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-06-09 at 23:08, Mirouf Linux wrote:
> Hi,
> We used Ardour (GTK 0.502 and libardour 0.802) for a
> 24 tracks recording session one month ago, and it
> worked (almost) pretty fine.
> We started to edit the session tonight, and a few
> suggestions for you came to our minds. Now, we use
> Ardour GTK 0.514.5 with libardour 0.814.2.
> -The edit groups didn't work for us, either to move
> clips or to edit fades on two synchronized clips at
> the same time.
> -Every time we modified a region, like trim it, Ardour
>    created a new region in the Region/name window,
> which makes too many clips to handle in one session.
> -If a region is on a layer above another, and we
> right-click on it, only the crossfade menu pops up
> , and we can't use the region editing menu.

Does this finally convince you guys that a separate fade mode is
necessary(both fades and x-fades)? it becomes even more obvious if you
have large fades on both sides that take up most of the region space.
Besides, if you choose 'slower' and the fade points are not far away
from region edges there's almost no chance to click on them.(well, for
me it's not a problem since i can aim very precisely with the mouse
cursor ;) So another type of visualisation is necessary.
The fade editor should be only slightly different from x-fade editor.
That slight difference is what makes a fade different from x-fade where
2 regions participate. Other than that, same look and functionality.
In the x-fade editor you only need one set of xfade 'configs' since you
switch between the fades already.

> -If we want to move a region while keeping
> synchronization (shift+click), and the region is
> selected, we have to unselect it before, which is a
> bit  boring.

What do you mean by synchronisation? Could you describe the process?


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