[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Tue Jun 8 18:24:30 PDT 2004

  * improvements to MMC command passing
  * initial support for MMC "Step" command
  * all MIDI ports in $ARDOUR_RC listed in options
      editor MIDI page
  * split "protux" inspired functionality into editor_keybord.cc
  * remove some dead code
  * fix bug in copy-drag that moved original region to target track
  * run-time check for CMT animatics software
  * highlight fade grab handles when entered
  * clean up parts of the context menus for tracks
  * add "select loop range" and "select punch range"
  * add "protux-style" keyboard align action (press `a' with mouse
       cursor on desired region)
  * add "protux-style" keyboard split-region action (press `s' with
       mouse cursor at desired split point)  
  * don't put empty commands for rubber-band selection in the edit history
  * fix up keyboard-driven range selection (down/up arrows in range
      mode start and end selection as playhead moves)
  * remove ctrl-click region alignment
  * fix region boundary cache determine for snap-to region bounds
  * add Meta (mod2) as an available keyboard modifier
  * change color of fade handles to basic track color
  * fix audio tracks to that they meter even when all monitoring is
      disabled but they are rec-enabled (still have to fix metering
      while rolling)
  * correct egregious design flaw in automation curve state management

  * libardour: 0.815.0
    ardour/gtk: 0.515.0
    libmidi++: 1.10.0

there are a bunch of debugging messages related to automation
lines. please ignore them for now.

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