[ardour-dev] plugin routing

Christopher K. George ckg at yalesda.org
Thu Jul 29 12:45:02 PDT 2004

I was wondering what the plan is for plugins.  Perhaps I have missed
something, but the fact that plugin inputs and outputs are "invisibly" handled
is a bit confusing.  Perhaps the following idea is not helpful, but I'll throw
it out here to see.

What if a routing window for plugins could be brought up so that the routing
could be seen and perhaps also manipulated.  For example a two-in/two-out
plugin could route both outputs (mixing them) to a one-in/?-out plugin. 
Another example would be running two different plugins in parallel and mixing
their output.

I'm envisioning a window where you can drag and drop plugins and draw
connections between them.  Would this be helpful?  How would some of the above
plugin setups be implemented currently?  Would I just use a lot of busses?


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