[ardour-dev] 0.9beta18.1 released

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Fri Jul 16 20:48:36 PDT 2004

Although a few people discovered the 0.9beta18 tarball, it was never
officially announced. This new tarball incorporates a lazy-week's
work, plus a few fixes from France, into the existing significant list
of changes from 0.9beta17.1. Enjoy!


Changes since 0.9beta17.1

   * fix sends
      - they do not crash ardour (and/or system) when used
      - they start life with the same number of outs as their "parent"
   * fix relative gain changes in mix groups
   * allow renaming of playlists
      - click "p" button of track controls, choose "rename" to rename
         current playlist
      - new and copy playlist operations pop up the rename dialog
         with the default new name present and selected
   * restore initial splash screen
   * don't save empty playlists into state file
   * add templates dir to CVS (contents not yet
      included in distribution because of
      technical difficulties)
   * auditioner outputs are now persistent
   * might have fixed ksi_ardour build problems
   * all ArdourDialogs are now KeyboardTargets
        - Ctrl-w now closes any dialog
   * pre/post-roll buttons and clocks removed
   * follow PH (playhead) button added to transport
   * new session reorganized
        - added ability to limit number of inputs+outputs
	    used to set up Connections etc.
   * session cleanup improvements and fixes
        - still does not unlink but PLEASE TEST IT. You
	  cannot lose files, although they get moved
	  to .../session/dead_sounds
   * prefill duplicate dialog with "1"
   * allow edit cursor positioning when snap-to == EditCursor
   * respond to some kinds of enter/leave events that we used
       to ignore.
   * create mono+stereo connections and use them appropriately
   * move colored button in mixer strip to be track name button
      instead of input button
   * multi-select should now work for SFDB as well as file browser
   * don't look for libfst if VST support was not requested
   * control outs now work
   * try to avoid double slashes in pathnames internally
   * position end pointer after first capture
   * patches for automation lines/curves from gvdo (many thanks)
   * meter/tempo dialogs now popup at mouse position
   * meter/tempo dialogs use generic ArdourDialog::run() 
   * deleting master out and/or control outs no longer
        causes a crash
   * VST plugin automation now works
   * removed "rebuilding peak files" message
   * prevent crash caused by LADSPA plugin redesign
   * Refactored RecentSessions.  It's now limited to 10 items.  It's also
     alphabetized, and doesn't care about periods in session names.
   * use combo boxes to select channel configuration for new tracks
   * stop "Don't close session" from screwing up Session state
        when opening a new/existing session
   * fix nasty playlist management design problem that caused
        segfaults when switching playlists
   * panner link buttons always say "link"
   * properly hide/show panning box in mixer strips
   * properly hide soundfile selection window after action
   * properly hide/show track varispeed box
   * track muting now marks session dirty
   * soloing a bus does not silence master or control outs

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