[ardour-dev] Re: [ardour-users] Gain not saved --> pbm with LANG setting

Linium intent at netpratique.fr
Wed Jul 7 08:25:21 PDT 2004

On mardi 6 Juillet 2004 12:51, Johannes Ringheim wrote:

> But beta17.1 doesn't restore gain settings, or plugin-settings, in my
> old session-files, most of them created with beta11.2. The language
> env-variables are set as described earlier. Other than this I am most
> happy with this latest version of ardor :)
> Thx for tips!

Hello Johannes,

for the ladspa plugin settings not restored from beta11.2, this is a known 
problem. See last thread "About file changes" here, few days ago.

Jan Depner was kind enough to send a little script to modify .ardour files to 
be fully restored. Check the archives on the web site of ardour to get it.


For the gain problem  with latest 17.1, I have the same problem too. As you 
said earlier the lang variable is responsable of a problem with "," and "."

As far as i am concerned, in French too, "," is used to display float numbers 
and the .ardour file has gain saved in this form. This won't be loaded 
properly the next time.

Here is an output of the command grep:

$ grep ' gain=' ./Ardour.ardour
      <IO name="master" id="1088544491806478" inputs="{ardour:Audio 2/out 
1,ardour:Audio 1/out 1,ardour:send 1/out 1}{ardour:Audio 2/out 2,ardour:Audio 
1/out 2}" outputs="{alsa_pcm:playback_1}{alsa_pcm:playback_2}" 
gain="0,109732" iolimits="-1,2,-1,2" automation-state="0x0" 
      <IO name="Audio 1" id="1088544499493119" inputs="{}" 
outputs="{ardour:master/in 1}{ardour:master/in 2}" gain="0,233703" 
iolimits="1,-1,-1,-1" automation-state="0x0" automation-style="0x1">
          <IO name="send 1" id="1088544676308857" inputs="" 
outputs="{ardour:master/in 1}" gain="1" iolimits="-1,-1,-1,-1" 
automation-state="0x0" automation-style="0x1">
      <IO name="Audio 2" id="1088544622870669" inputs="{}{}" 
outputs="{ardour:master/in 1}{ardour:master/in 2}" gain="0,968222" 
iolimits="1,-1,-1,-1" automation-state="0x0" automation-style="0x1">
          <IO name="Simple High Pass Filter" id="1088908903591493" inputs="" 
outputs="" gain="1" iolimits="-1,-1,-1,-1" automation-state="0x0" 
    <IO name="click" id="1088544491808429" inputs="" 
outputs="{alsa_pcm:playback_1}" gain="1" iolimits="0,0,-1,-1" 
automation-state="0x0" automation-style="0x1">

As someone advised, use "unset LANG" and it allows for the moment to use 
ardour in english. 


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