[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Sun Feb 29 17:02:16 PST 2004

   * change all instances of EMIT_SIGNAL null macro to comments

   * dragging curve control points - to move all points right, use
         ctrl-drag. ordinary drag now moves just that point. (reverse
         of previous behaviour.)
   * canvas waveview item now supports alpha for color, and
        has support for scaling waveform via a gain function
   * crossfade editor closer to 90% functionality
         - audition xfade
	 - edit both both curves independently
	 - waveforms scale with curve (*sexy*! :)
   * fix process-time automation snapshots to be (more?) real-time
	 safe (remove O(logN) behaviour, avoid unnecessary control
	 point addition)
   * destroy-last-capture now works until the next capture, not the
         next transport halt
   * region locking shows padlock in regionview, plus has an actual
         effect on editing :)

            - unlock via click on padlock works as expected

	    - to be improved, perhaps, to permit locking by clicking
	      where the padlock would show up but isn't. not sure, because
	      its definitely not OK to show a lot of "unlocked"
              padlocks - very visually cluttered that way.

            - some glitch with the last line of the image of the
   * utility for converting XPM data to RGB and RGBA buffers for
           canvas images (big thanks to colin law for the
           canvas-imageview item that makes this worthwhile doing)

   * shift-drag permits multiple object selection passes via
   * drag_info.been_moved not set until 4 pixels of motion are
        detected. this affects a number of things but NOT region
	dragging. To Be Fixed.

   * region export via standard export dialog
       - to be discussed: is "Write Region to disk" still useful?
         it is quicker, and just writes a native file to disk
	 within the session sounds directory.
       - operates only on clicked region, not region selection. good?
         bad? ugly?

   * fade in/out curves of region editor do not update the underlying data
	  until button release.

   * fade in/out curves of region editor now can have values typed in.

   * fade in/out curves now use a mutex to protect real-time access
   * nick m's SMPTE computation fix for rulers

   ardour/gtk: 0.453.0
   libardour:  0.728.0


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