[ardour-dev] what is the best OS to run ardour

Geoffrey Wossum geoffrey at pager.net
Thu Feb 26 15:31:25 PST 2004

On Thursday 26 February 2004 04:29 pm, biese wrote:
> Genntoo
> Mandrake
> redhat
> Debian
> Suse
> or what
> how to get the kernel quite real-time ??

I've used all those distros at some point, except Suse.  They all have their 
own strengths and quirks.  

I've only ever used Ardour on Gentoo, though.  I use Gentoo for all my 
workstations now (still use Debian on servers).  Gentoo isn't for the 
inexperienced Linux user, but if you're already pretty comfortable with 
Linux, it's Super Good.  For the experienced Linux user, I think it's 
actually easier to use than Red Hat or Mandrake.

On Gentoo, if you're wanting to use a 2.4 kernel, you can emerge the 
sys-kernel/gaming-sources kernel, which already has all the low-latency and 
preemptible patches applied, which makes it easy to setup a nice low-latency 
system for Ardour.

Ardour should run fine on any properly tuned distro, though, so you should 
really choose the distro that you're most comfortable with overall. 


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