[ardour-dev] CVS commit

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Wed Feb 25 20:48:09 PST 2004

 * looping and marker interface redesigned.  

Basically, i split the range and location markers into their
own rows in the timeline, and added a new row "Loop/Punch Ranges".
The Loop and Punch ranges are dedicated, the transport will
loop over the Loop range when the "loop" button is enabled on
the transport toolbar.  The punch range is active when Punch In
and punch out buttons are active.

Dragging on the Range Marker bar will create a new range marker.
Also, dragging on the Loop/punch bar will let you set a new range
for either the loop or punch.   Context menu operations for all
markers are now updated.

A new Locations window has been implemented allowing you edit the
values exactly using clock editors, along with some more organization.

 * several bugfixes that i noticed while doing this.....

 * libardour: 0.737.0   gtk/ardour: 0.451.0 


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